Shipping Materials
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Do you need to ship something fragile? Do you need void fillers to secure your products?


We have every item you need for your shipping materials. We stock an assortment of shipping products including bubble wrap, kraft paper, packing peanuts, chipboard, poly foam, corner protectors, bale wire, labels, packing list envelopes, wrapping tissue, single faced corrugated sheets, and many other items to fulfill your shipping material needs.


Bale Wire

We carry a wide variety of baling wire to accommodate your bundling requirements. We stock lengths from 6 inch bale ties to 19 foot bale wire. We stock single looped and double looped, black annealed or galvanized. Bale wire is used to bundle cotton and hay.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Sunbelt carries HB Fuller’s® line of hot melt adhesives. With maximum adhesion, this hot melt material is excellent for carton sealing and can be used for many other sealing applications. Ask us about our hot melt equipment as well!


Sunbelt stocks thermal transfer labels, bar code labels, and ribbons. We can supply customs labels and sizes such as thermal die cut labels and digitally printed labels. These can be made on rolls, fanfolds, or singles, and can be printed. We offer a broad selection of colors as well.

Bubble Wrap

Sunbelt supplies bubble wrap in sizes from 3/16” thick to 1-2” thick with 12” or 24” perforations. We carry it in clear or pink anti-static. Bubble wrap is used for filler and wrapping, easy to use, and is very cost efficient.


Chipboard is used in a variety of applications that include pallet covers, box liners, or tier sheets. We can have your custom size manufactured and stock it on our floor for you. We offer gauges between .016 and .060.

Corner Protectors

Sunbelt offers a wide variety of corners including plastic and paper corner protectors and corner board which protects your product during shipping. We offer a large variety of sizes and gauges for any application.

Foam Peanuts

Foam peanuts are a light weight filler used to protect your product from being damaged. They are extremely cost efficient and do not weigh much, which reduces your costs during shipping.

Packing List Envelopes

We offer a broad range of packing list envelopes for your shipping needs. Offered in different sizes, and in clear or color with excellent adhesive backing, your customer will always know what they are getting before opening their package!

Packing Newsprint

Newsprint is lighter than Kraft paper and is a void for your packing boxes. Use it to wrap fragile products before shipping. We offer newsprint in sheets of various sizes.

Single Faced Corrugated

Better known as a flute, this packaging material is used as a filler to provide you with a safe, crush resistant package. You can also use this as a pallet slip sheet. We stock several sizes, and can have these custom made to your specs.

Wrapping Tissue

Used for wrapping delicate, easy to break products, this tissue is lightweight and soft to help prevent scratching. It is also a less expensive way to package material. Please call and check for sizes and colors!

Kraft Paper on Rolls and Sheets

Sunbelt offers an array of Kraft paper from recycled paper to virgin paper. Our sizes range from 6” to 84”, and a core diameter of 9” to 15”. Kraft paper is a multi-purpose packaging product and comes on rolls or in sheets.
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