Shrink and Stetch Film
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Sunbelt offers premiere stretch film and shrink film from leaders in the industry such as AEP®, Amtopp®, Intertape®, and Sealed Air®.


We stock a variety of sizes, gauges, and colors for your specific application, and offer competitive pricing as well as foreign sourcing capabilities in addition to domestic made materials. In addition to stocking these products for you, we will service your stretch wrap machines. Please see our service page for more information.



Packaging Materials

Sunbelt offers a complete line of packaging materials. We represent the nation’s leading suppliers of packaging materials.


Machine and Hand Stretch Film

Sunbelt offers stretch film in all sizes and gauges. From hand stretch wrap to machine grade stretch film, we stock in sizes from 3” to 80” wide, and our gauges run from 40-300 gauge. We can also provide you with different colors of stretch film.

Shrink Film

Shrink film is used to ensure your valuable product stays together during shipping, and it protects the product as well from unfavorable environmental conditions. It is shrunk around your product using a heat source. We stock a variety of sizes and gauges.
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